cultural workshop

Local Orientations

Provide your students with an efficient and extensive introduction to their new home town in your program's city. Our orientations tackle the cliche touristy things in an efficient way, and help break students out of the daily apartment-classroom trek. 

We offer orientations in 1, 2 and 3-day lengths, and itineraries are fully customizable to focus on the subject that matters most to your program. Food and transportation can also be included to maximize group time in the city.

We're happy to provide references as well!

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Regional Trips

Customize Your Itinerary

If you'd like to create your own adventure, reach out to us with an outline of your budget, experience priorities, group size, desired accommodations and amount of time you can spend, and we'll get back to you straight away with ideas and proposals.

  • Go caving in Budapest
  • Take an evening bike tour and river cruise in Paris
  • Go on a VIP Pub Crawl in Prague
  • Skip the line into the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin
  • Include your transportation for efficiency, to save $$$

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Cultural Workshops

Maximize your time and budget in some of European's top cities. We include hand-selected hostels, local guides, skip-the-line sightseeing and local transportation throughout the city. Just show up at the hostel, and we take it from there!

3-day, 2 night packages are offered in Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Budapest, Prague, Krakow, Edinburgh and Berlin. Group discounts after 10 travelers are available, and customized schedules and private groups after 15 travelers.

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Local Orientation

Regional Excursions

We can work with your program to offer built in options to fascinating destinations like Paris, Amsterdam, Krakow and Barcelona. Our passionate local guides bring the lessons in text books to life, and students can study the architecture and artwork of the Renaissance in Rome, gaze at the Sagrada Familia, taste Hungarian cuisine and more. We can bill students directly, or invoice your program depending on what works best for you.



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Customized Itineraries

Unique to Andy Steves' Tours


Local guides show you the inside take on their home towns

tons included

We include sightseeing so you don't have to worry

local food

Enjoy our favorite local restaurants and eateries

skip lines

Skip the lines into key sights & save hours on your visit


The must-have tools for the best trip.