Hello from Andy

Andy Steves hasn't fallen far from the tree. From his early days tagging along with his guidebook-writing father, Rick Steves on family trips across the continent, Andy soon saw Europe as his playground. After the opportunity to study abroad in Rome in 2008, he's since started a travel company, WSA Europe for students abroad in Europe, pitched ABC's Shark Tank, written an award-winning guidebook, and is a podcast host discussing travel, entrepreneurship and the digital nomad lifestyle.

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Get the Book: City-Hopping Europe

The second edition of Andy's award-winning guidebook, Andy Steves' Europe: City-Hopping on a Budget is out and already making waves in the industry. Andy delivers all the latest tips for the modern backpacker:

  • Explore Europe's most popular sights

  • Leverage budget airlines and accommodations to your benefit

  • The best food, nightlife and off-the-beaten path options Europe has to offer