S2 E10 - SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER Ryan Thorpe – The Student Nomad

Tune into this episode between travel entrepreneurs discussing how to find a market need, developing a product or service to answer those needs and how one can set about to tackle these big and important projects. Travel entrepreneur and social media influencer, Ryan Thorpe joins Andy Steves to share about he juggled getting a travel website off the ground and even monetizing it while simultaneously cramming for school exams to pass his university classes.

References in the episode:
The Student Nomad Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thestudentnomad/

The Student Nomad Insta: https://www.instagram.com/thestudentnomad/?hl=en

Revolut Digital Banking: https://www.revolut.com/en-US/

S2 E9 - Cagefighting in PERU with Rollie Peterkin

This episode is another off-the-beaten path story—International pro cage fighter, memoir author and digital nomad, Rollie Peterkin is on the show today to share about his story joining a stable of mixed martial arts fighters in Lima Peru. Tune in to listen to how Rollie broke himself out of the 9-5 routine as a trader in New York City, and took the decision to shake up his life and head south of the border. His inspirational story is packed with interesting anecdotes and practical tips which I hope you enjoy!


References in the episode:
Rollie’s website: http://www.rolliepeterkin.com/

Rollie’s Book: https://www.amazon.com/Cage-Escaping-American-Dream/dp/1514294206

Read more: https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/5051012-rollie-peterkin-from-wall-street-to-the-cage

Rollie’s Insta: https://www.instagram.com/rolliepeterkin/

S2 E8 - Globe Scholars with Tinabeth Pina

Emmy award winning TV Journalist by day travel vlogger by night, Tinabeth Pina posts a host of resources and insights for study abroad students, prospective international travelers and those curious about other cultures on her youtube channel, Tell Me Tina. While she got her start as a bi-lingual latin music radio host, she now focuses on producing dozens of fascinating and practical travel videos.

Andy and Tinabeth Pina share tips on travel hacks, and how to use corporate marketing for things like flights and cruises to your benefit. She's getting her new resource off the ground, so be sure to look her up at tinabethtravels.com.

References in the episode:
Check out Tina Beth's Globe Scholars and travel tips here:




S2 E7 - Military Life Overseas with Julian Ponce in BUDAPEST

Marine Sergeant Julian Ponce joins me today to talk about life in the Marine Corps and how it's helped him see the world. Sgt. Ponce takes us on a tour of the American Embassy in Budapest, and we discuss the deep camaraderie between fellow marines. And then we digress to chat a bit about Colombian and Latino culture as well--I've lived here in Medellin when not traveling in Europe and I'm working on my Spanish and Salsa skills. I can't help bringing it up with a Colombian-American.

References in the episode:
Go caving underneath Budapest - caving.hu

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S2 E6 - Speakeasies and Trendy LONDON with Leo Heaton

Royal baby mania, trendy London, key sights and tips to get off the beaten path--Leo Heaton, a professional Blue Badge guide shares all about it today on this episode of Andy Steves' Travel Podcast. Leo reveals just a few of the many reasons that make London such an incredible, modern and diverse city. Don’t forget the speak-easy’s and the cocktail clubs!

References in the episode:
Instagram: @Little_London_Lion
Twitter: @LeoHeaton
Guide profile: guidelondon.org.uk/guides/leonieheaton
Guide profile 2: britainsbestguides.org/guides/leo-heaton

Some of Brick Lane's best Indian food: city-spice.london
Cocktail bar NightJar: oriolebar.com
And the sister, Oriole Bar: oriolebar.com

Vice Documentary on London's #1 rated restaurant: youtube.com/watch?v=bqPARIKHbN8

Check out Andy's book here: https://www.amazon.com/Andy-Steves-Europe-City-Hopping-Budget/dp/1631217968

S2 E5 - GOTHIC TOKYO: Around the Globe with La Carmina

Listen in on this fascinating conversation between two travel entrepreneurs. Today, I have social media influencer, Carmina of LaCarmina.com on the show to talk about her style of travel--goth, subcultures, body mods, alternative fashion and more. She runs a website packed with information and tips for those looking for off-beat travel experiences. Carmina has collaborated on travel TV with ABC, National Geographic, Travel Channel, Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain (RIP). Our conversation ranges from Tokyo’s disciplinary Maid bars where you get slapped for misbehaving, to goth travel culture and pioneering space tourism.

References in the episode:
- Carmina's Website: lacarmina.com
- Carmina's Instagram @lacarmina
- Read up on how LaCarmina saw a man getting his mouth sewn shut: http://www.lacarmina.com/blog/2012/07/prague-castle-goth-clubs-alternative-travel-tips-cross-club-steampunk-bar-st-vitus-cathedral-hell-club/


A good friend of mine, father and family man, Kamal Mukarkar calls in on this episode to share about his life and experience growing up as a Christian Palestinian (making up about 1% of the population of the West Bank and Gaza Strip) in Bethlehem. A student of history and the bible, Kamal is passionate about sharing where they intersect in Palestine's West Bank. Kamal is a tour guide showing dozens of tourists around his home town and throughout the West Bank each year. And later in the episode, Kamal and I discuss the best itinerary for a visit to Israel and Palestine.

Don't miss the best part of the episode where Kamal reveals some surprising real-life aspects of the Nativity scene and story given the culture--how it actually would have occured occuring to Jewish culture, and he contrasts that with St. Francis' version of the story dating from the 13th century which we are used to today (not based in historical Jewish tradition at all actually).

References in the episode:
- See Kamal on Rick Steves' Holy Land Special at https://www.ricksteves.com/watch-read-listen/video/tv-show/tv-specials/holy-land
- Check out cheap flights to Tel Aviv via WizzAir at wizzair.com
- Contact Kamal for tours and advice for your next visit: kamal_mukarker@hotmail.com

Check out Kamal’s amazing TripAdvisor reviews here

S2 E3 - AMSTERDAMMING with Jody van Engelsdorp Gastelaars

My local guide friend, Jody van Engelsdorp Gastellars joins me in this episode to share a bit about Dutch culture, history, and international foodie treats. With a degree in microbiology, Jody has an unlikely background for a tour guide, so I was sure to have her share how she made the bridge from Biology studies at university to leading tours for Rick Steves Europe all around the continent. We discuss King's Day, Amsterdam's biggest festival of the year and since the Netherlands is an expensive country, I grill Jody on some budget tips so we can enjoy the best of Amsterdam's sights, nightlife and activities on a budget.

References in the episode:
Jordaan - Affordable neighborhood to stay in Amsterdam
Albert Cuyp Market - Authentic daily flea market
De Pijpe  - Amsterdam's up and coming trendy neighborhood

Typical Snacks & Treats
Stroopwaffles - Syrup waffle cookies
Poffertjies - mini pancakes
Febo - coin-operated fast food joint
Haring - Dutch power lunch of raw fish
Dutch cheese
Bitterballen - steamy-hot fried ball of mashed potatoes and ground meat

Top Sights
Anne Frank - annefrank.org/en/
Van Gogh Museum - vangoghmuseum.nl/en
Rijksmuseum - rijksmuseum.nl
Heineken Experience - heineken.com/heineken-experience
Begijnhof - Check out the listing in my guidebook


S2 E2 - DIGITAL NOMADING: A Veritable 'How-To' with Debbie Arcangeles

The Offbeat Life

Travel entrepreneur, podcast host and social media influencer, Debbie Arcangeles joins Andy to talk about smart travel--how to stay fit and effective on the road. Debbie is a 1st generation immigrant from the Phillipines and now lives in New York City, working as an ADA nurse for patients with autism. In this episode, Debbie shares her tips on how to leverage today's tech tools to make real-life friends and connections.

Check out Debbie's amazing content here:
Instagram @offbeattrekker
Podcast iTunes: theoffbeatlife
Podcast Instagram: @theoffbeatlife
Facebook: facebook.com/TheOBLife
Website: TheOffbeatLife.com

S2 E1 - BUDAPEST for Rogues with Smike Letwinsky

S2 E1 - BUDAPEST for Rogues with Smike Letwinsky
Smike the Party Godfather of Budapest makes his second appearance on AST, and he outdoes himself once more! I can't stop cracking up while catching up with him about his latest projects--from hostels to bars to bands and podcasts. We also get into sex and nightlife etiquette for today's backpacker. We also share our insights on how to make sure your phone is a tool and not a social blocker while traveling in Europe.

References in the episode:
- Smike's Instagram - @smike1981
- Smike's Podcasts - thehostelguys.podbean.com and later "The Abstract Backpack"
- Retox Party Hostel - @retoxpartyhostel
- One of Retox's epic Jagertrain: youtube.com/watch?v=L5SwlurVJVo
- Budapest Party Hostel Network: budapestpartyhostels.com
- 10 Sixty-Six - facebook.com/10sixtysixbudapest, 10_sixtysix_
- Edison Ink & Bar - edisonbudapest.com
- Budapest Party Bookers - partybookersbudapest.com

Pick up Andy’s guidebook, Andy Steves’ Europe: City-Hopping on a Budget where he features the Budapest Party Hostels along with tons of other recommendations.

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S2 E0 - S2 Preview, We're Back!

Episode Info

At long last, the Andy Steves Travel Podcast is on it’s way back and we’ve got some incredible guests in the line up this season. Thanks to everyone who has subscribed, shared and rated our podcast already. We’ve got a great traveling community growing around this show, and we want you involved! This season, we’re spanning continents, time periods, subjects and more as we drop all sorts of travel hacks and nuggets into your earbuds.

Just a taste of what’s coming up this season:

  • Smike Letwinsky shares his take on Budapest today and the modern backpacking and sex culture

  • Kamal Mukarkar joins the show and shares about life as a Palestinian Christian living just outside of Bethlehem in the West Bank

  • La Carmina calls in to talk about goth and alternative travel in Japan

  • Sgt. Julian Ponce and I catch up about life as a guard at the American Embassy in Budapest

  • Debbie Arcangeles gives insights and tips on how to make it as a digital nomad and social media influencer

And so much more! So be sure to subscribe and tell your friends and family to do the same!

S1 E22 - EDINBURGH: Whisky, Kilts & Castle Rock

Back in the day, the Romans conquered Scottish territory only to decide it was too cold and too barbaric to govern. Their loss. Today, Scotland is renowned for its rugged beauty, dark medieval history and rebellious nature, luring millions of visitors each year.

We're exploring the capital city of Edinburgh: a striking cityscape with both architectural elegance and dramatic, rolling hills. This time we're joined by two local guides, Colin Mairs (Excursion Scotland) and Sabela (Weekend Student Adventures), to share about Scotch whisky, Harry Potter inspirations, legends of Edinburgh's chilling past, and key highlights you can only experience in "Auld Reekie".
(Season 1 finale)


S1 E20- 20 Years of Travel: GoAbroad Founder Troy Peden

To mark our 20th episode, we're meeting up with GoAbroad.com founder & CEO Troy Peden, also celebrating 20 years of his massive travel website. Thanks to GoAbroad, millions of Americans with a craving for travel have found their perfect study, intern, volunteer or work organizations.

We discuss the evolution of the study abroad experience and the growing desire for meaningful and sustainable travel. Troy talks about the shift of singular destination semesters to the multi-city adventures during a term away from home. His personal experiences abroad have influenced the transformational value of international education, especially during this critical time in American history. He stresses the crucial role international travel has in shaping perspectives and broadening horizons of the youth.  

S1 E19 - GREECE: Ouzo, Island-Hopping & Ancient Ruins

It’s Greek week on the podcast!

Greece is full of gems to explore, from iconic Athens, to the monasteries of Metéora, to its 6,000 islands scattering the sea. Local guide Angelos Kokkaliaris shares with us the sumptuous eats, social culture and stunning retreats (Santorini and Mykonos, sure- but have you heard of Amorgos?) that make up an authentic Greek experience.


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S1 E16 - AMSTERDAM: "Sex, Dutch and Rock & Roll"

We dive into Europe's most eclectic city, joined by my longtime guide and local Dutchie, Arthur Bijlholt. As a professional tour guide by day and comedy club owner by night, Arthur shares with us the deeper side of Amsterdam, beyond its many vices (although we cover those, too).
This episode tackles Dutch politics, culinary highlights (vending machine fast food, anyone?) and the culture behind that unique, urban vibe you can only find in Amsterdam.

S1 E15 - Inside Study Abroad

Brooke Roberts, the founder of Inside Study Abroad and certified study abroad guru, is an international education professional, turned entrepreneur (she runs three of her own companies!) Brooke helps people skip to the front of the line and transform their approach to launching and growing an international education (or any) career.