Belkin 3.5mm Audio + Charge Rockstar

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For all of us frustrated by Apple's recent evolution of ditching the 3.5mm Audio jack in favor of a single "Lightening" charger port, Belkin offers a great solution: the 3.5mm Audio + Charge rockstar. For those on the move who want to charge and listen to tunes or have a conversation at the same time, Apple's recent iPhone models make it nearly impossible to do that, unless you buy this $35 product.

Works with the following models: iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus



- Lightweight, simple and durable construction

- Provides a great solution, allowing you to continue using your 3.5mm headphones and charge your phone at the same time



- Another adapter to lug around thanks to Apple's product updates. No fault of Belkin's though!


Price: $35

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Charge and talk with Belkin's iPhone adapter

Charge and talk with Belkin's iPhone adapter