Take your selfie game to the next level with xenvo

Xenvo Shutterbug Bluetooth Remote

Andy's Travel Gear Product Reviews Series

This tiny little product does one thing, and it does it well. This is a bluetooth remote clicker. So just switch on, and pair with your phone or other bluetooth-enable electronic and control with a single click. This is great for those who love to take selfies from afar, or maybe you want to snap shots while walking away. The over-the-shoulder instagram moneyshot is ever easier with this gadget in your hand!


Product Highlights:

- Lightweight: Nearly weightless piece of technology.

- Well-built: Feels easily secure enough to plug onto a keychain or toss around the house. You'll misplace it long before you break it thanks to it's small, compact size.

- Simple function and strong connection: Connect and play!

- Low power consumption: A single hearing aid battery (included) powers the thing for years if you're good about switching it off after each use.



- None to mention. Simple, compact product that does exactly what it's meant to do.


Price: $15


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