S1 E8 - Unlocking Adventure Travel with Steve Bramucci, UPROXX Life Editor

Pirate graveyards. Whirlpools in the Mekong Delta. Traveling without a cellphone *gasp!*

Steve Bramucci has years of adventures under his travel belt. Currently the editor of UPROXX Life, Steve has written for the likes of Nat Geo and Afar, and interviewed the experts such as Anthony Bourdain.  

We discuss everything from rowing the Mekong river via Vietnamese sampan to studying Komodo dragons in Indonesia. His story of encountering a real-life pirate graveyard in Madagascar won the Trazzler Oasis prize, and his trip across Australia in a car fueled with french fry oil was adapted into an Australian TV show. Steve’s first novel, The Danger Gang and the Pirates of Borneo!, will be published in August 2017. Also featured: This week’s “Ask Andy” segment, where listeners send in those burning travel questions. 



  • "Ask Andy": What souvenirs do you like to bring home, or what have you found is the best token of past memories of trips? - Marie, Portland
    Submit your travel question here!

  • Steve's Background: Backpacking for 13 months, going from grade school teacher to writing for "glossies", developing the "Life" platform of UPROXX

  • The secret to adventure travel: embracing your inner “kid”

  • That time Steve tumbled upon a real-life Pirate Graveyard

  • Finding the world's best hospitality in Laos

  • Crossing Australia in a car powered by french fry oil

  • Unplugging for travel- Why Steve puts his cellphone away before a trip

  • Stranded in Tanzania, trekking Eastern Africa in a broken down Jeep


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