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Bose QuietComfort 35ii

Andy's Travel Gear Product Reviews Series

These bad boys are deluxe! Super lightweight, quality build and the stunning sound that Bose is famous for. The QuietComfort 35ii are the latest iteration in a dynasty of excellent noise-cancelling headphones. When I had the chance to try these out, I was so excited. Here's my thoughts:


The Pros

The sound quality is absolutely amazing. Throw these on, and the background noise fades away. Bose has refined a technology that picks up on ambient noise and plays their opposing soundwaves to your ear, effectively canceling what your ear can sense. They are comfortable, and the over-ear headphones allow for hours of easy listening.

The Drawbacks


On my most recent trip, I wasn't able to justify the good deal of space that they would take up in my backpack. While they're excellent headphones, you definitely need to allow for the space they take up while packed in their case. Additionally, as they are wireless headsets, you have to remember to keep a charge in the headphones. One more thing to remember to plug in at the end of the day.

These are perfect for someone's at-home life, going to work, the gym, the metro etc. But for the backpacker, I just couldn't justify the space they would take up in the bag.

Check them out on Amazon here. $349

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Photo cred: Bose Instagram

Photo cred: Bose Instagram

21st Century BoomBox

Bose Revolve+ Bluetooth speaker

Andy's Travel Gear Product Reviews Series

This is a bluetooth speaker that can fill up just about any great room in a house with beautiful, complex, non-directional sound. This heavy hitter from Bose (also has a little sister, the Bose Revolve) is great for home entertainment systems, or a day out at the beach or the park.

The speaker is built in single-piece construction- clean, simple and attractive. It pairs up quickly with any phone or computer nearby and you can enjoy hours of clear, crisp sound.

This speaker is too big to backpack with--it doesn't make sense to lug a speaker of this size around unless you're a perfromer or something. But it works great for camping or road trips where you've got the room, and aren't shouldering the weight. You'll be the coolest kid at any bonfire when you bring this around. The carrying strap makes it easy to pick up and bring along to the party.


Photo Cred: Bose

Photo Cred: Bose


- Sound: It's hard to believe that this grand sound comes from a single speaker which is easy to conceal on a table or behind a chair if you want. 

- Material Quality: By sight and touch, it's obvious this is a high-quality and durable speaker.

- Battery Life: With this larger package, Bose can fit in a much bigger battery to charge full days of audio enjoyment.



- The only thing to consider is the size and weight of the speaker. Best for home theaters over backpacking.


Learn more here. $299

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Photo Cred: Bose

Photo Cred: Bose