Ep5 - Independent Female Travel: Turning Wanderlust into a Brand


Aspiring to explore the world, whether it be for vacation or long-term? Today, we share how to make it happen.

I'm joined by my dear friend and fellow global backpacker, Carey Carpenter, otherwise known as CareBear Abroad. She is a proud "traveling addict (with no need for an intervention)" who packed her bags with a one-way ticket to Prague. Three years later, Carey has made a living for herself on the road by teaching English and creating her own inspiring travel brand. I chat with Carey about the lessons, triumphs and challenges of life as a female nomad.


  • Carey's background and finding her passion of travel through study abroad and a life-changing trip to Croatia
  • Taking the leap to teach abroad with the TEFL program
  • How to make money on the road & budget for travel
  • Tips for independent female travelers 
  • How bloggers and digital nomads 
  • Social media as a power tool in travel entrepreneurship
  • Marketing yourself and working with brands
  • & a few Czech phrases! (hey, you never know when you'll need 'em)


Follow Carey's adventures:
- Instagram @carebearabroad
- carebearabroad.com
- youtube.com/careycarpenter


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