S1 E6 - 95 Countries Down: How to Travel the World for a Living

I’m sure we’d all love to be friends with the guy who breaks Guinness travel records as a hobby. This is how today’s guest, Drew Goldberg, aka travel expert Drew Binsky spends his spare time, already making his mark by traveling to the most UNESCO sites in 24 hours.

Thousands of millennials are already familiar with Drew, especially his social media profiles. He’s consistently ranked as THE top travel account (he’s even been called “the king”) of Snapchat, and with over 200,000 fans total, He's kinda a big deal in the travel world. Drew is supporting himself through sponsorships and travel gigs to achieve his goal to hit all 195 countries before turning 30. He’s 25 now and at 95 countries so far, so is well on his way. 

If you enjoyed the Nomadic Matt episode, you’ll love this one.  


- How Drew started traveling with study abroad (and hasn't stopped since)
- From nightlife blog (The Hungry Partier) to established resource (Drew Binsky)
- Breaking the world record: Visiting the most UNESCO World Heritage site in 24 hours
- What it takes to create (and maintain) a successful travel brand


Web: Drewbinsky.com
Facebook: Drew Binsky
Instagram: @DrewBinsky

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