Ep0 - Meet Andy Steves

Hello Listeners- I’m Andy Steves,

host of the Andy Steves Travel Podcast. My background is all about Europe—I wrote a guidebook on it—but I don’t want to limit ourselves in the first season. I’m joined by some of the most interesting people I've had the pleasure to meet around the world. From the NY Times Bestselling author Nomadic Matt, to an Emmy-winning travel show host who bit an Octopus' head in Croatia as her "rite of passage", to my local guides with endless history and stories to share; it was almost a crime to keep these fascinating tales to myself.

Of course, this is a travel podcast, so you can expect tons of our expert travel tips and tricks as well. I've dedicated my life to helping travelers toward the best experiences abroad through my tour company, Weekend Student Adventures, my new guidebook "Andy Steves' Europe: City-Hopping on a Budget", and now with this podcast. 

Our style is still evolving and improving, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy the stories my friends and I have to share. If you’re looking for more, we’ve got this podcast and all its show notes, European tours, an online store, travel tips and more all here at AndySteves.com.


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