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S2 E9 - Cagefighting in PERU with Rollie Peterkin

This episode is another off-the-beaten path story—International pro cage fighter, memoir author and digital nomad, Rollie Peterkin is on the show today to share about his story joining a stable of mixed martial arts fighters in Lima Peru. Tune in to listen to how Rollie broke himself out of the 9-5 routine as a trader in New York City, and took the decision to shake up his life and head south of the border. His inspirational story is packed with interesting anecdotes and practical tips which I hope you enjoy!


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S2 E2 - DIGITAL NOMADING: A Veritable 'How-To' with Debbie Arcangeles

The Offbeat Life

Travel entrepreneur, podcast host and social media influencer, Debbie Arcangeles joins Andy to talk about smart travel--how to stay fit and effective on the road. Debbie is a 1st generation immigrant from the Phillipines and now lives in New York City, working as an ADA nurse for patients with autism. In this episode, Debbie shares her tips on how to leverage today's tech tools to make real-life friends and connections.

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S2 E0 - S2 Preview, We're Back!

Episode Info

At long last, the Andy Steves Travel Podcast is on it’s way back and we’ve got some incredible guests in the line up this season. Thanks to everyone who has subscribed, shared and rated our podcast already. We’ve got a great traveling community growing around this show, and we want you involved! This season, we’re spanning continents, time periods, subjects and more as we drop all sorts of travel hacks and nuggets into your earbuds.

Just a taste of what’s coming up this season:

  • Smike Letwinsky shares his take on Budapest today and the modern backpacking and sex culture

  • Kamal Mukarkar joins the show and shares about life as a Palestinian Christian living just outside of Bethlehem in the West Bank

  • La Carmina calls in to talk about goth and alternative travel in Japan

  • Sgt. Julian Ponce and I catch up about life as a guard at the American Embassy in Budapest

  • Debbie Arcangeles gives insights and tips on how to make it as a digital nomad and social media influencer

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Ep0 - Meet Andy Steves

Hello Listeners- I’m Andy Steves,

host of the Andy Steves Travel Podcast. My background is all about Europe—I wrote a guidebook on it—but I don’t want to limit ourselves in the first season. I’m joined by some of the most interesting people I've had the pleasure to meet around the world. From the NY Times Bestselling author Nomadic Matt, to an Emmy-winning travel show host who bit an Octopus' head in Croatia as her "rite of passage", to my local guides with endless history and stories to share; it was almost a crime to keep these fascinating tales to myself.

Of course, this is a travel podcast, so you can expect tons of our expert travel tips and tricks as well. I've dedicated my life to helping travelers toward the best experiences abroad through my tour company, Weekend Student Adventures, my new guidebook "Andy Steves' Europe: City-Hopping on a Budget", and now with this podcast. 

Our style is still evolving and improving, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy the stories my friends and I have to share. If you’re looking for more, we’ve got this podcast and all its show notes, European tours, an online store, travel tips and more all here at


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