S2 E6 - Speakeasies and Trendy LONDON with Leo Heaton

Royal baby mania, trendy London, key sights and tips to get off the beaten path--Leo Heaton, a professional Blue Badge guide shares all about it today on this episode of Andy Steves' Travel Podcast. Leo reveals just a few of the many reasons that make London such an incredible, modern and diverse city. Don’t forget the speak-easy’s and the cocktail clubs!

References in the episode:
Instagram: @Little_London_Lion
Twitter: @LeoHeaton
Guide profile:
Guide profile 2:

Some of Brick Lane's best Indian food:
Cocktail bar NightJar:
And the sister, Oriole Bar:

Vice Documentary on London's #1 rated restaurant:

Check out Andy's book here:

S2 E5 - GOTHIC TOKYO: Around the Globe with La Carmina

Listen in on this fascinating conversation between two travel entrepreneurs. Today, I have social media influencer, Carmina of on the show to talk about her style of travel--goth, subcultures, body mods, alternative fashion and more. She runs a website packed with information and tips for those looking for off-beat travel experiences. Carmina has collaborated on travel TV with ABC, National Geographic, Travel Channel, Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain (RIP). Our conversation ranges from Tokyo’s disciplinary Maid bars where you get slapped for misbehaving, to goth travel culture and pioneering space tourism.

References in the episode:
- Carmina's Website:
- Carmina's Instagram @lacarmina
- Read up on how LaCarmina saw a man getting his mouth sewn shut: