S2 E2 - DIGITAL NOMADING: A Veritable 'How-To' with Debbie Arcangeles

The Offbeat Life

Travel entrepreneur, podcast host and social media influencer, Debbie Arcangeles joins Andy to talk about smart travel--how to stay fit and effective on the road. Debbie is a 1st generation immigrant from the Phillipines and now lives in New York City, working as an ADA nurse for patients with autism. In this episode, Debbie shares her tips on how to leverage today's tech tools to make real-life friends and connections.

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S1 E3 - Nomadic Matt: From Backpacker to Best-Seller

Matthew Kepnes runs the award winning budget travel site, Nomadic Matt, and wrote the New York Times best-seller, How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. After a trip to Thailand in 2005, Matt decided to quit his job, finish his MBA and head off into the world. His original trip was supposed to last a year. Over ten years later, he is still out roaming the world. He's scuba dived in Fiji, was a poker player in Amsterdam, taught English in Thailand, got lost in a jungle in Central America, and broke down in the middle of Australia's outback.

His writings and advice have been featured in The New York Times, CNN, The Guardian UK, Lifehacker, Budget Travel, BBC, Time, Yahoo! Finance and countless other publications. He also regularly speaks at travel trade and consumer shows, leads group tours in Europe and Southeast Asia, opened a hostel in Texas, and launched a non-profit called FLYTE, that sends kids abroad to bring their classroom experience to life.



How Matt turned his life around from an office job to traveling the world
Kicking off Nomadic Matt and his travel resource platform
Google SEO for travel blogs
Travel Tips: Skipping the line, planning ahead, saving your budget
Best credit cards for travel
Cheap flight search engines


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S1 E2 - PARIS: Politics, Pop Culture & Pastries


This episode is all about Paris. I'm today joined by my close friend and fellow guide, Kevi Donat. Kevi runs his own alternative tour company - Le Paris Noir, or 'the Black Paris', providing walking tours focused on Paris’ overlooked black history, musical influence and culture. He of course shares his thoughts on the must see sights and top neighborhoods and tips on how to avoid the crowds in one of the world’s most visited cities. 
We also discuss politics and discuss some of the most contentious issues in French and American politics.  It’s one of my favorites conversations, and I hope you enjoy!



Following Kevi's passion: From Public Health to Tour Guiding
The birth of “Le Paris Noir”, or Black Paris Walks
What you'll really get from a Free Walking tour
Exploring Paris 101:

  • Where to find the trendy neighborhoods (St. Martin, Latin Quarter, etc.)

  • Culture, how to stand out from the Parisians

  • Best food spot (links below)


Le Paris Noir

Discover Walks - Paris

Le Comptoir General

WSA Paris Weekend Tour