S1 E20- 20 Years of Travel: GoAbroad Founder Troy Peden

To mark our 20th episode, we're meeting up with GoAbroad.com founder & CEO Troy Peden, also celebrating 20 years of his massive travel website. Thanks to GoAbroad, millions of Americans with a craving for travel have found their perfect study, intern, volunteer or work organizations.

We discuss the evolution of the study abroad experience and the growing desire for meaningful and sustainable travel. Troy talks about the shift of singular destination semesters to the multi-city adventures during a term away from home. His personal experiences abroad have influenced the transformational value of international education, especially during this critical time in American history. He stresses the crucial role international travel has in shaping perspectives and broadening horizons of the youth.  

S1 E19 - GREECE: Ouzo, Island-Hopping & Ancient Ruins

It’s Greek week on the podcast!

Greece is full of gems to explore, from iconic Athens, to the monasteries of Metéora, to its 6,000 islands scattering the sea. Local guide Angelos Kokkaliaris shares with us the sumptuous eats, social culture and stunning retreats (Santorini and Mykonos, sure- but have you heard of Amorgos?) that make up an authentic Greek experience.


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S1 E16 - AMSTERDAM: "Sex, Dutch and Rock & Roll"

We dive into Europe's most eclectic city, joined by my longtime guide and local Dutchie, Arthur Bijlholt. As a professional tour guide by day and comedy club owner by night, Arthur shares with us the deeper side of Amsterdam, beyond its many vices (although we cover those, too).
This episode tackles Dutch politics, culinary highlights (vending machine fast food, anyone?) and the culture behind that unique, urban vibe you can only find in Amsterdam.

S1 E15 - Inside Study Abroad

Brooke Roberts, the founder of Inside Study Abroad and certified study abroad guru, is an international education professional, turned entrepreneur (she runs three of her own companies!) Brooke helps people skip to the front of the line and transform their approach to launching and growing an international education (or any) career. 

S1 E13 - When in WALES

If you’ve had the incredible opportunity to study abroad, you may relate to that feeling of fulfillment that comes with it; that you’ve found a new place to call “home". For Dr. Maggie Parke, abroad ‘home' was the small city of Bangor, Wales. Her overseas experience was so powerful that she was back to the UK in no time. 

Now an International Education Officer at Bangor University, Maggie shares what to expect when you take on the expat life, how students can maximize their own experiences abroad, and of course what makes Wales so magical (aside from all the castles). 

S1 E12- Welcome to My Palace: PRAGUE's Noble Family

The story is something out of a fairy tale: Typical American family, happily settled in Boston, gets called upon to collect their ancestors’ royal fortune in Europe. For the Lobkowicz clan, this is was indeed real life.  

Today, William Lobkowicz Jr. shares what it’s like to call a 40,000 square-foot castle home. His family has been a part of Czech nobility for 1000 years. All of their possessions were lost to the Nazi’s- and then again to communists. In Prague, the beautiful Lobkowicz Palace that looms over the city is one of 13 restored castles, now hosting a collection of paintings, musical scores (including Beethoven’s original sheet music) and old firearms. William's personal account on the family's history and palace, which otherwise would have just been another building, brings Prague even more to life.